DIAL - G-Tops


G-Tops - DIAL Lyrics

When i get up out of my place its a mess
Knockin’ over kings like a game of chess
Im a monster ,you can call me Loch Ness
Workin’ faster ,stepping up the progress
Check my notebook lyrical madness
Imma tell you lil bitch
Don’t you get in my face
If you do ,imma send you to the front desk
My room on top of the clouds first class
Whats good lil mama can i take you on a date
Maybe mingle for a couple hours than we mate
Livin’ life so good let the haters hate
Smokin’ good in my living room cozy chat
With a bitch on my line how i spend my time
Rhyme after rhyme finna get whats mine
And im gonna shine let me be your guide
I’ll expand your mind ,its a never ending vibe

Dial my number, hit my line
Dial my number, hit my line
If it ain’t ‘bout money don’t waste my time
(ain’t ‘bout money don’t waste my time)
Dial my number, hit my line
Dial my number, hit my line
Imma pick right up don’t waste my time
(Imma pick right up don’t waste my time)

Unzip, hand in the bag, get it out
Get a good smell of that fine kush spark it up
When im rolling up a zig zag hush, cut it out
Need some silence in this bitch
Chit chat, shut your mouth
You a sweet bitch, kit kat
Imma check you out
What im all about
Bring you the flow from the east south
Turkey, thanksgiving passed so im lurking
Heard me? This feelings mad i be slurping