The Movie Medley - Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser - The Movie Medley Lyrics

Bap de ba ba
Bap bap bap...
Get your popcorn (and butter please)
And Diet Coke (less calories)
And take your seats (silence your phones)
There are dinosaurs
In Jurassic Park
Oh no!
They just escaped
The power went out
Setting them all free
Run for your lives!
(Oh my God!)
(Run for your lives!)
(I got bit!)
(Run for your lives!)
He's got cool cars and gadgets
Loves brunettes and blondes
Your husband loves these movies
He loves brunettes and blondes
Brosnan and Daniel Craig
Connery and Roger Moore
And those two other guys
You've never heard of before
Bond, James Bond
Found him in our backyard
Was left by his spaceship
E.T. the tiny alien
Just wants to phone home
Kate Winslet was cheating
With DiCaprio
An iceberg
Caused the ship to sink
But that string quartet kept cool
And played on as most everyone drowned
(Har-rison Ford)
Indiana, not the school
He was a cowboy with a science background
He was searching for a cup
While fighting pirates and bad guys
And running from boulders in a cave
Life is a box of chocolates he said
And he really had to pee
When not on the run, he sat on that bench
Waiting to see Jenny
They had a child, the kid from the Sixth Sense
Dead people he could see
Bruce Willis dead the whole time
What a great movie
Have you seen this movie?
Our guess would be no
But this famous theme song
You probably know
We'll show you how this song is used
In movies and shows (Your favorite shows)
The character's always in a race
Running in slow-mo
Sylvester Stallone was a nobody
Until he wrote this great story
The underdog wins in the end
Always yelling: "Adrian!"
Rocky boy
The rocky fight
They kept the montage tonight
Running up the stairs
Push ups and punching cows to train (Oh Philadelphia!)
Star Wars
More like bizarre wars
Too many prequels
Can't follow along
More like a hater
Used his light saber
To injure his son
Now Luke, we're grateful that you saved everyone
But why did you kiss your sister? (That's just nasty)
We know, she looked hot in that gold bikini
But c'mon man she's still family
Family (Everybody!)
Star Wars
Ya da da Star Wars
Ya da da Star Wars
Ya da da da!
Hope you enjoyed (hope you enjoyed)
Our SNC (Our SNC)
Movie Medley! (you should applaud!)