Stay - Chroming Rose

Chroming Rose - Stay Lyrics

look inside
you'll never know, if you gonna do
look inside yourself
what you hide, deep inside
I feel you near, I need you here, I can see you clear
I feel the light, like I hate the night
embracing my senses

walk inside yourself
feel the beat, your pounding illusions
take a ride into the deepest night, blackest night
tremble in my side

I know you feel me near, I can see you clear
I know I feel the light, I hate the night
'cause you are still with me
you stay with me
by my side
only you my shining light
only you my day and night

I never felt this feeling so strong
you gotta give, where I belong
I spilled the wine, I drank the wine, I'm save all night
'cause you're still around me

I love you, I need you
I know you feel me near, I see you clear
embracing my senses

you stay with me...