Silence (feat. July 7) - Emir Taha

Emir Taha - Silence (feat. July 7) Lyrics

It's a nightmare
I ain't been asleep
Now your right there, yeah
All the ambien
Got me wildin, it’s -

Tell me who's who
What I do do
Did I lose my head
Tryna lose you?

Talking to the ceiling
Got me here believing
I’m conversating with your ghost

Cut it in to pieces
Been awake all weekend
Ever since I let you go
Can't deal with that
Silence, can't deal with that

(July 7)
Take time, take your time
Let me know, that it’s mine
I’ll fulfill all your desires, then I’ll let it burn like a fire
Tell me how you feeling now?
Seven seven baby, I don’t ever fuck around bae
Tell me what’s the deal, tell me what’s the deal
Girl you tryna’ chill, girl you tryna’ chill?
I’m there when you need me
Open up your arms when you see me
We could be an army just you and me
Baby don’t you ever replace me cause all I hear is

Silence, can't deal with that