Gimme The Light - Sean Paul


Sean Paul - Gimme The Light Lyrics


Just Gimme the Light and pass the dr*
Bust another bottle of moe
Gal them inna me sight and I gots to know...
Which one is gonna catch my Flow
Cause I'm inna the vibesand I got my Dough
Bust another bottle of moe gal them lookinHype and I gots to know
(Mısra 1)

Could I beyour protector
You buff in every sector
Every man around them
Want turn your inspector
But you no let them sweat ya
Nor grill you with no lecture
'Bout them power drill
Or them fuel injector
Them a infector disease collector
Nuff a them a gwaan like them want come
Wreck ya...Done out the part weh you got in
A you center...But you know you no let them
Guy de affect ya
Yo Gal

(Mısra 2)

One Two Three Four Five of them
Situation gettin' really live again
Gal them want fi hang out with
The players and the riders them
Beside of them...And them saythem tired of
The liars them...Friars and connivers them...
Will never get inside of them
Them clyder them ..Especially the money
Hider them... (Watchi-Watch) Gal bout them a
Try fi make abride a them...Denied again...
Some a them a move like a spiderman...Gal
Them say them nah open wide again

(Mısra 2)

(Nakarat) 4x

(Mısra 1)

(Nakarat) 2x