Fifteen - Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore - Fifteen Lyrics

Young girl
Up early
Wasn’t old enough to drive
Took a trip from Seminole county
With her mother side
Next stop
New York City
World was falling at her feet
She thought she was making music
But she was only filling seats
No regrets
With a few exceptions
Every wrong turn
Was the right direction
Still a part of me
Still a part of me
Glow sticks, pink cotton candy
A touch a glitter on her lips
Operate for the radio station
So they’ll play her biggest hits
Missed prom
Missed graduation
No college in the fall
On the road with the boy bands singing for the people in the mall
No regrets
With a few exceptions
Learning to love
All the imperfections
Still a part of me
Between the demo
And the lonely public eye
So real
Real famous
Without even knowing why