Dance of the Clairvoyants - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants Lyrics

Confusion commotion
What love our devotion
Imperceptibly big, big as the ocean
And equally hard to control
So save your predictions
And burn your assumptions
Love is friction
Ripe for comfort
Endless equations
And tugging persuasions
Doors open up
To interpretation
Expecting perfection leaves a lot to ignore
When the past is the present and the future’s no more
When every tomorrow is the same as before
The looser things get...the tighter you become
The looser things get...tighter
The solitary man...not greater than the sum
That’s not a negative thought, I’m positive. Positive. Positive.
Falling down...not staying down
Could’ve held me up, rather tear me down
Drown in the river
Expectin’ perfection...etc.
Numbers keep falling off the calendars floor
Stuck in our boxes, windows open no more
Collecting up the forget-me-nots
Not recalling what they are for
I’m in love with clairvoyants cause they’re out of this world